Adidas Response 2004 Weightlifting Singlet Women's XL(Grey/Pink) - ARIAWEAR

Adidas Response 2004 Weightlifting Singlet Women's XL(Grey/Pink)

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A natural successor to the Equipment singlet, the Adidas Response singlets were the second range of sleeved weightlifting singlets released by Adidas. It was widely used in the 2004 Olympic games and earns its place as one of the most iconic weightlifting singlets, along with the Equipment range. Unfortunately, these were the last ever sleeved singlets Adidas ever made again. 


Womens's sizing was used for this singlet. Men may have to size up for this singlet to fit them (eg. a XS in Men's will be a S in Women's size as a guide).Also keep in mind that there will also be less space for your 'junk' so try this sizing up method at your own risk. Neverthelss, the general size measurements for Adidas singlets is below (guide only as each model varies quite a bit). 





Measurement Directions:


All Vintage range of Adidas singlet are unworn, and with tags. Poly sealable bags are used to store the items, in order to eliminate any damage to the products during shipping. 

Returns and Refunds

The singlets are all brand new, but they have all been discontinued. We are also not an Adidas authorised reseller. Therefore, none of these items qualify for warranty, returns, or refunds and legally these singlets are being sold as 'used items'. As is the case, it is important that you know exactly what you are buying before you make the purchase.